Chocolate connoisseur appreciation session by Art Chocolat.

Chocolate connoisseur appreciation session by Art Chocolat at Select citywalk, Saket, New Delhi…

Chocolates are addictive, delicious and what more if you get an invitation for Chocolate connoisseur appreciation session by ArtChocolat at Saket, Select Citywalk!
Yep, you heard it right and I was there tasting the decadent chocolates presented by Chocolatiers Arti Dhingra, Divya Kakkar, Nitika Chhabra, Shivani Sharma, Archana and
Mamta Bidani.


My day started in a very great way!!! As I entered the place, I got an attractive whiff of the aroma of chocolates. A vast display of different varieties of chocolates, the only thought that I was getting was when will the tasting start! Never the less, I wanted to click as many pictures as I could before the tasting started.




The variety of chocolates presented was mind blowing. From fruit filled chocolates to paan flavoured, nutty chocolates, spice mix truffles, bon bons, caramelised white chocolate, tiramisu cups, wasabi spoons and the list goes on. Healthy versions included green tea flavoured chocolates, Honey and tulsi infused, Oats bar etc. Colourful bunny and duck shaped chocolates targeting children (or those who are child at heart).


Spice mix truffles had all the five spices which gave a christmas-like feeling as it melts in the mouth. Kesar and Kewda white chocolates were my favourites. They gave the feel of eating Indian sweets. Generally white chocolates are too sweet and I kind of don’t prefer them but these ones were bang on in looks as well as taste. Another type of chocolate that caught my attention was Schezuan pepper infused chocolate which had that aroma of oregano as well as a gentle tickling of spiceness as it melts in mouth.


A great day, don’t want to think of how many calories I had put on the day!!!

2 thoughts on “Chocolate connoisseur appreciation session by Art Chocolat.

  1. Hi Pratibha! Thank you so much for your coverage of the event – beautifully done. And really happy to know that our White Chocolate Diwali Collection featured in your favourites of that day! Its an honour and a pleasure!

    We have also posted your above review on our FB page .

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