I am Prathiba born in Bangalore. Worked as software engineer in the past which gave me opportunities to be in US and Singapore. Having around 8 yrs of experience in software industry ,gave up on job to be with my lil darling. After she was born and being with her at home also gave me more opportunities to cook.Currently into homemaking/blogging/photography and much more 🙂 Yeah , “multitasking” in single word.

My first love in Kitchen started with baking though I love cooking. Being in US and Singapore also had given me the chance to taste various cuisine, pastry and desserts. French desserts always fascinate me. Wanting to bake more and more I came up with taystebuds wherein I take orders for cakes for all occasions.

My hubby being a foodie, I could NOT stop myself at ONLY baking.Any new dish I came across in magazine or restaurant I would start guessing how it would have been made. And not just that, I would also make it at home with little bit of help from Google 🙂

I am a big fan of Masterchef Australia, I have a learnt a lot just watching the show which took my cooking to a different level.
Never had thought I would end up blogging as I hardly get time. But there is so much going on in my kitchen that I thought sharing these with the world would be an beautiful experience by itself.

This blog is all about cooking, clicking and eating.


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