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My daughter gave the idea of making these popsicles !!! And they are super healthy. Its been hot and humid in Delhi and anything comes out of refirgerator to much/drink is heavenly.

My lil one wanted something really cold and off late I have been making veggies juice for her rather than the store bought concentrated fruit juice.

There is no perfect recipe for this as such, just churn out the juice of any veggies you like and freeze them in the popsicle mold. Amount of sugar to be added or no sugar depends on you. I used cold fruit press to extract the juice and they were so damn sweet that not even one crystal of sugar I added to it. Just dilute it as per the thickness that you feel is right with water and just freeze.

I chose to make beets, carrot and sweet lime because its colorful. Next on my list is spinach! So go ahead squeeze the freshness from your fruits and veggies and be healthy…


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