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Its nice to cook and click but sometimes to have a change I just click what I want to see through the lens. Here is how I look at it. hope you will love it!!!

Trip to Lansdowne

Himalayan Mountains – View from Lansdowne

It was November and holiday season for my daughter. My hubby who was working for really long hours at office wanted a break. We had not planned anything earlier though being aware my daughter has a week off in school. We just planned off for a road trip to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India. Lansdowne was founded and named after then Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne. It is one of the quietest hill station unlike others which is been more commercialised. It is surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forest.

We started off early morning, packed breakfast as we did not wanted to waste time looking out for restaurant. My lil one had woke up quiet early and so she dozed off to sleep and me too, thankfully my hubby was still driving and was not sleepy 🙂 Well he loves long drives…so now you know whose idea was it in last minute for road trip.

Had a stop over at noon at a small restaurant thinking the food would be okay…but to our surprise it was yum. We had taken veg fried rice and dal makhani with rice.

After an hour break we started off again by evening as we reached Kotdwar, the beautiful scenery of mountains was visible. Admiring the sunset and small streams on the way we finally reached our destination by evening and it was quiet cool as well.


Early Morning

This is the perfect getaway as you can laze around because other than picturesque location there are not many activities to do. Its all different spots you can hop on to feel the beauty of nature. Firstly visited ‘tip n top’ to enjoy the breathtaking view of Himalayan ranges. It was amazing to see the Majestic, Mystic and Mesmerising Himalayan mountains.


Of course for kids there is boating at Bhulla tal(lake) with some ducks and rabbits around. There is a small restaurant and food was amazing there.

We can see people walking down the roads. It’s a Cantonment Area of Garhwal Rifles. By evening we reached Santoshi Maa temple which is also the sunset point. But we just missed to take the perfect pictures of sunset, hence we decided to come back for those perfect shots the next day. Back to out hotel room as there is absolutely nothing to do in the night. Sipping our HOT soup and watching television ,it was perfect to finish the day.

Bhulla Tal (Lake)


The next day we headed towards Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple which is around 30km from Lansdowne. The drive was so amazing with scenic view and it is totally worth it for a lifetime experience. The temple is in midst of Deodar and Pine forest and it is so quiet and peaceful, a perfect place for meditation. The short walk to temple brings you so close to nature. The deity worshipped here is Lord Shiva.

This was place for photography as well. The drive back with again a breath taking view as the mist had started covering the mountains. Stopped by at different spots to enjoy the beauty of nature and click some pictures. We still could not make it on time for sunset point but we had one more day of our stay in Lansdowne and so we were sure we could get back to Delhi with perfect pictures the next day.



Tarkehwar Mahadev temple entrance

The last day went around the local market though there is nothing much to shop.Went around the War Memorial of Garhwal Rifles to know about pre-independence history of Garhwal Regiment and landmarks achieved by the regiment. By evening we reached the Santoshi Maa temple on time just before sunset. It was worth the view to see sun set with loads of pictures to take back.