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Who doesn’t love donuts ? If its homemade its even more yum. And if its filled then it’s the best in the world!!! Donuts are fried confectionery, usually ring shape or round with toppings of your choice. And you can’t just stop eating one. So be aware before you make them 🙂

Well now that strawberry season is coming to an end and they vanish from the market I bought loads of it. Made strawberry jam without sugar and pectin, and stored them but didn’t wanted to eat them with just toasted bread. And then the filled donuts popped into my head and here it the recipe.



For kneading dough:
Maida 500gms
Milk 1 cup (more if needed)
Butter 70 gms
Sugar 4 tbsp
Cinnamon powder 1 tbsp
Vanilla extract 1 tsp
Dry active yeast 2 tsp
Salt ½ tsp
Oil for frying oil

Take yeast in a bowl and add warm milk (from the 1 cup) until its covered. Let sit for few minutes.
In the meanwhile mix other dry ingredients and once the yeast has bloomed mix it along with rest of milk and start kneading the dough. If its too dry add little more milk but be careful to not add too much, else the dough will be sticky.
You will need to knead this for atleast 10 mins until it becomes a soft ball .If you push with index finger it should bounce back.
Let the dough (covered in damp cloth, so that it does not dry) rest in warm place for about atleast 1 hr.
After 1 hour the dough will double in size. Give a hard punch and break it. Now knead again for few minutes.
Dust the working area with flour and roll out the dough to ¾ cm thickness, cut them in ring shape or round and place it on a tray dusted with flour. Allow it raise again , approximately half an hour.
In the meanwhile you can prepare glaze/melt chocolate (to dip the donut) or just mix castor sugar with cinnamon powder and roll the donuts once fried.
After the final raise of donuts, fry them in oil at medium heat.
Do not fry on high , it will give blisters and not a smooth donut.
While its warm glaze them or if you want to do filled, then with skewer make a small hole inside. Take jam of your choice in a cone with round medium sized nozzle tip and pipe in generously 🙂


Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy making donuts and get back to share your experience !!!


Strawberry Cheesecake-Charlotte


I want Cheesecake !!! screamed my lil one and I was like What? But she was adamant. The only quickest thing that could come up to mind was pre-mix. This is the first ever time I tried my hand on pre-mix. What’s wrong in trying ? Not bad though I could get the no bake cheesecake pre-mix from shop nearby. So here we go , me and my lil one all set to make cheesecake…crazy we lol!!!

I got the Pillsbury brand ,strawberry flavour…read instructions and it was like the cheesecake is already ready:-)

Came back home, prepared my spring form pan, opened the pack…I let my lil one mix the biscuit crumbs with melted butter and I whipped up the milk and cheesecake mix as per instruction.

Wait a minute ,I said,  as I remembered that I had some left over ladysfinger!!! Now it was time for some innovation….Let’s make Cheesecake-Charlotte!


Charlotte – French for a classic molded dessert that begins with a mold lined with sponge cake, ladyfingers or buttered bread. It is then filled with fruit or mousse or custard or whipped cream thickened with gelatin. The dessert is chilled thoroughly and unmolded.

Lined the ladyfingers on the sides of pan. Pressed the mix with back of spoon on the pan… slowly poured the cheesecake mix and then into the fridge overnight.

Early morning my lil thought that she would get it for breakfast but I managed to convince her as I had to take my clicks before we dive in 🙂 .Just to treat our eyes I opened the fridge, out came the beautiful and proud Cheesecake-Charlotte.

My lil one enjoyed and also insisted that she wants to take it for her school lunch-box the next day as well…before it got over I reserved a piece for my lil one’s lunch box.

It was a good try of pre-mix…
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